Play Battle of Slots, Slot Tournaments of Videoslots Casino

When you start looking for something new that is more fun and full of adrenaline, slot tournaments are a great idea. Playing your favorite casino slots at slot tournaments gives you the opportunity to have fun and earn some extra money. There are a lot of online casinos that feature slot tournaments. However, one of the best places to play slot tournaments is the Videoslots Casino.

There are several types of slot tournaments on Videoslots Casino, together called Battle of Slots. Players can win in some cases very rich prizes, which depend on the type of tournament and the number of participants. Actually, the prize pool is created from player’s buy-in payments, with Videoslots taking 10 percent, and all remaining money going into the prize pool. Every day players can choose from hundreds of different categories of tournaments. Tournaments are played on a large number of popular slots from Videolots Casino, and the rules are the same for all players. That way, you can choose the tournaments and slot games that best suits you.

Sit and Go Tournaments (SNG)

The main feature of Sit And Go tournaments is that they do not start at a certain time, but only when enough players registers. There are 2 types of Sit and Go tournaments, Normal and Jackpot tournaments. The difference, of course, is about the reward amount, which is much higher in Jackpot tournaments. However, the path to it is much more complicated too.

In Normal Sit and Go tournaments, the rewards are in most cases quite symbolic. They usually involve only 2 players who have purchased a €2 buy-in. So, the winner of this tournament wins a prize of € 3.60. Tournaments like this are good for beginners, to get familiar with how tournaments work and get used to the game. However, there are also more serious normal tournaments involving more players, usually up to 10, with significantly higher buy-in tickets and significantly higher rewards. In cases like this, prizes are usually shared between several of the most successful players.

Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments are much more interesting. The amount of prizes in these tournaments varies, usually ranging from a few thousand euros. The hunt to a jackpot prize consists of five rounds in which five players participate. In the first four rounds, it is possible to win a ticket for the next round or to stay in the lower round hunt. Only in the fifth round can a jackpot be won.

You can reach the fifth round by paying a buy-in of several hundred euros, or through the first 4 rounds of jackpot tournaments. In fact, the winner or two first-ranked players in each round move on to the next, while the third-ranked player gets a new chance in the lower round of the competition. You can start from the first round or join one of the later rounds by paying a buy-in. Only € 5.50 is required to participate in the 1st round. Ideally, if you win all 5 rounds, this can be enough to earn you a few thousand Euros worth of prizes. 

Guaranteed (prize) tournaments

Guaranteed tournaments are played for a predetermined minimum reward. Depending on the number of players registered and the number of buy-ins paid, the amount of the prize pool may be greater than the guaranteed. Actually, in most cases, this is exactly the case. Unlike Sit and Go, these tournaments start at a specific time and last for several hours. Players can join even after the start of the tournament. Buy-in tickets for Guaranteed tournaments cost from € 1, while rewards range from €50 to over €1,000. The best thing about Guaranteed tournaments is that the rewards are shared among several players. The prize amount is usually split from first to tenth place. In how many parts it will actually be split depends on the number of players who have registered for the tournament.

There are two types of guaranteed prize tournaments, Re-buy and Freezeout tournaments. In Re-buy tournaments, it is possible to buy more tickets, i.e. additional sets of free spins. The number of re-buy tickets that can be purchased is limited and is equal for all players. By purchasing additional tickets, players increase the tournament prize pool, which also increases the reward for the tournament winners. Buy-ins for a Freezout tournament can be paid only once. As these tournaments are very popular, they usually attract a lot of players. When that happens the prize pool gets even higher than the guaranteed amount.

Freeroll tournaments

For those who don’t like to take risks, there are Freeroll tournaments. These tournaments do not charge entry fees, participation is completely free of charge. So, it is not surprising that these tournaments attract the largest number of players. Prizes are usually in the form of free spins, free tickets for Sit and Go tournaments, and sometimes even the real money. There are some Freeroll tournaments with very high rewards. In some of them, the most successful players can get up to 10,000 free spins.

How to Play Videoslots Slot Tournaments

The rules of slot tournaments are generally quite simple. To participate in the tournament, you must register and if necessary, pay a Buy-in. You are competing against other players playing the same slot on exactly the same terms as you. Each player in a tournament receives a certain number of spins on a certain game. The value of each spin is fixed and predetermined, as it is the duration of the tournament. However, there is more than enough time for players to use their spins. After the time expires, the ranking is determined based on the score made from the spins played. At the end of the tournament, one or more players with the highest score win the prize.

To start a Videoslots Battle of Slots you should visit the tournament’s Main Lobby. Here, you can find all the information about the upcoming and finished tournaments. The schedule and type of the tournament, the slot game on which the tournament is played, the buy-in price, and the number of players registered. Double-clicking on an individual tournament gives you additional information. The remaining time available for registration, the amount of prize money, the duration of the tournament, the number of re-buy tickets allowed, etc. Also, in the Main Lobby under My Battles, you can track which tournament you are participating in, as well as the already completed tournaments.

To select the tournament you want to participate in, highlight the chosen tournament and click Register. After paying a Buy-In, if needed, you should open the featured slot and start playing your spins. While the tournament is in course you can see the current standings and track your placement. After the tournament is over, prizes are immediately credited to the player’s account. It is important to note that the money won in the tournament can be paid out immediately by the player without any restrictions.